The Top 10 dog breeds to keep home with our children

A dog at home can provide many benefits, in addition to the companionship, a dog offers other advantages, the fact that children interact with their pet is useful in their learning process and internalization of values such as respect, solidarity, compassion, trust, and responsibility, as well as helping them to set limits.

Like any other aspect of life, having a pet has its positive part and its negative part, although they are excellent companions and fill the house with joy, for example, there are always concerns about the drawbacks that can be generated by aspects such as hygiene and possible contagions of diseases

But, it is important to know that these drawbacks are perfectly predictable, you just have to take the necessary precautions regarding the hygiene of the animal and follow the recommendations of the veterinarian to the letter.

Another common fear is running the water that the dog may attack children, this fear is founded since although all animals deserve respect, not all dog breeds are appropriate to live together at home and be companions of our children, there are dog breeds that are naturally aggressive and violent, a pet for children should be calm in temperament.

That is why when choosing the right dog, the most important thing is not related to the breed of the animal, it can even be mestizo, the determining factor, in this case, are the features associated with the personality of the pet.

In this sense, a dog for our little ones must be a little dominant, loving, that allows the invasion of its space and above all playful and of a specific physical texture.

Certainly, there are less reactive dog breeds than others, that is, they show greater tolerance to children’s games, which generally involve a lot of physical contact, such as throwing the tail or ears, among them are:

  • Golden Retriever: It is without a doubt the friendliest race to live with children, for being docile and calm. They are playful, sociable, intelligent, kind, friendly and balanced dogs.
perro golden retriever
  • Boxer: It is also an excellent choice as a pet, as it has defense dog qualities and is also perfect as a companion for children.
perro boxer
  • Labrador Retriever: These dogs are used as a guide for blind people, such as rescue dogs or therapists. They are affected and friendly, they really like water and they are pleased to those around them.
Labrador Retriever
  • Collie: They are guardians by nature because they develop a sense of ownership, they have a strong family instinct, they love children and protect them jealously, they strengthen strong emotional ties.
collie perro
  • Spanish Greyhound: It is a breed specialized in hunting, they are agile and very fast, they are obedient, calm, faithful and sweet.
perro galgo español
  • Spanish Mastiff:Although it is a large type of dog that can be intimidated by its appearance, they are very cheerful, playful and sleepy.
perro mastin español
  • Newfoundland: They are called a nanny dog because of their particular sympathy for children, although their appearance is a little scary, they are calm and friendly dogs. They have a lot of fur and need huge spaces to be able to run freely and exhaust their energies, it is known for its goodness.
perro terranova
  • Saint Bernard: It is a meek race by nature, they are peaceful. Very loyal and devoted to its owners, especially children.
perros san bernardo
  • Beagle: He is a particularly playful, happy, patient, docile and intelligent dog, very energetic, but they are also stubborn, so it is necessary to reinforce that in their education.
perro raza beagle
  • Carlino: They are deeply faithful, sensitive, happy and friendly dogs, a great playmate for boys.
raza de perros carlino

Now, when choosing the appropriate dog for children, we must consider, in addition to the gentle character, the size of the house where the animal is going to be incorporated, since some of the breeds like the collie, Saint Bernard, and Newfoundland, are large and require wide spaces to run and exercise, making it difficult to coexist in apartments for children.

Finally, it is important to know that with a pet at home, everyone must fulfill their role. Dogs must be educated so that they do not cause discomfort and humans living with the pet must facilitate the animal’s learning process to make it comfortable, they are living beings and need love and company.

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