Is hugging your Dog healthy? Learn why You should not hug your dog that often

Dog language and human language have some similarities. What is very clear is that the dog does not have a rational brain.

If we pause for a moment to read this sentence by Descartes, he asserts the following: “Reason or judgment is the only thing that makes us human and distinguishes us from animals.”

It seems that we are digressing from the original topic, but it is important to know what the term reasonable means. Reason means using logic to solve everyday problems. What do you mean by this? Although we have effective qualities with our pet, there are things it doesn’t interpret the same way we do.

In this article, we will explain some reasons why you should not confine or, in other words, “hug” your pet.

Reasons why you shouldn’t hug your dog

Dogs have different ways of expressing their feelings, but one that is definitely NOT one of their ways is hugging. When you hug your pet, he interprets your arms as duress of his movements and that is when he begins to feel anguish.

Have you ever tried? You hug your dog and he gets more restless than he should or even wants to get out of the situation quickly.

Now that you know this might seem confusing to you because it is one of your human ways of showing affection. Here are some of the characteristics that your dog performs when receiving a hug:

  • Shift your face and avoid staying still focused on eye contact with you.
  • Your eyes can have the effect of constantly opening and closing.
  • His breathing falls short.
  • It begins to open its front legs as a position of defense in order to find ways to separate from the arms that imprison you.
  • Despair is also observed in the muzzle as it will begin to lick it over and over again. Another way is to look up making this same movement but looking for the air that is missing.
  • Avoid contact with the person who hugs you by turning your head the other way.

Have you ever witnessed these movements in your canine? We are sure you are asking yourself questions like: How could I show my dog that I love him? Do you feel love for me? How to know?

How to show affection to my dog and create a space of trust

Although the dog does not have a rational brain, it is capable of developing emotions such as love, rage, jealousy, among others. Scientific discoveries allege that cats and dogs are capable of releasing the oxytocin hormone responsible for love.

It is also important to note that these dogs are quite selective with those people whom they are going to give their love and dedication. And it is that if you educate a dog with beatings and mistreatment, he will not feel love for you but fear.

We give you a number of reasons why your dog may feel affection towards you and you will know that you are doing the right thing.

When you show affection to the dog

  • If you are a newly adopted dog, chances are you need it pampering or very afraid. Everything will depend on your experience in the previous place where you were. This is why it is important to pamper like rub on the belly or head part, in this way if they release pleasure unlike hug.
  • Take care of your diet and show happiness with your presence. This will make your dog feel at home and therefore love you.
  • Also try taking a walk with him, not only will you make him happy but also yourself by taking some fresh and new air. The constant outputs with your pet they will strengthen the bond between the two.

When the dog shows affection to you

It is not so difficult to predict when your pet has affection for you and it is that dogs are one of the few pets that openly demonstrate their emotions, so if your dog wants you, it will perform the following actions:

  • The first and most common show of affection is wag the tail when it is in your presence or when you are coming home.
  • Bark desperately when you’ve been gone for a couple of hours either for work or some errands.
  • If your dog is jealous of another human being will interpose your presence in the middle of you and the other person. Whether you are making some kind of visual or conversational contact.
  • A dog that watches and gets used to you WANT to include you as part of its pack. For this reason it will be for you under any circumstances. The canine is the most faithful pet you could imagine and is number one chosen to work on panic attacks or depression.

In conclusion, learn to observe your dog’s language a little more and get to know him. While we can describe the general characteristics of a dog breed, each pet is unique and has various ways of feeling cornered or loved.

We leave this video for you as an essay so that you can observe some of the bodily characteristics made by a dog when hugged by a human. The answers? Leave them in our comments.

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