8 Physical and psychological benefits of having a pet

“Acquiring a pet requires time and dedication”, is what people who need to add one to their family need to ask themselves in the first place.

Where does this need come from? If we see the human being as a whole, we will understand that one of its axes that characterizes it is to be Social.

However, the pet to choose will depend a lot on the affinity between the personality of the person who wants it and the pet itself. For example, these dogs have been very useful in those episodes of anxiety so crowded. Petting the dog in times of anxiety contributes greatly to a. panic attack has an appearance.

For their part, cats provide a sense of well-being and tranquility to those who decide to include a cat in their lives. The independence of these cats makes coexistence more bearable, so they are also at the top of the most requested pets.

Without further ado, we explain the physical and psychological benefits that a pet brings to your life.


The human being needs an everyday structure to be able to function to its full potential. Acquiring a pet allows you to establish this routine in any way, since, walks are necessary (if it is a pet-like dog).

In this way, you are not only contributing to the happiness of your pet but you are also conditioning your body and sharing quality time.

2. There are no prejudices

One of the great reasons for social isolation among individuals is fear of being judged, or have been misjudged in the past. Pets are faithful animals that accompany you throughout life, they give you unconditional love if the feelings between these two living beings are consummated.

3. They are good companions during a duel

The only sure thing in life is death. The human being throughout his life goes through duels where the emptiness of the absence of someone he loves can be heartbreaking.

In these processes, not all individuals find it easy to express their feelings, they require a company where silence abounds, but without absence.

A pet greatly helps to cope with the stages of grief and to channel pain positively.

4. Reduces the appearance of diseases

Different studies allege that there is a 20% lower risk in people who have a pet to suffer from cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure in the future than those who do not have one.

Also, a study at the Georgia Medical Institute stated that the chances of having allergies decrease when including a pet in the family nucleus or in the life of an individual.

5. Helps channel stress

Spending time with or pampering your pet can lead to the release of oxytocin Oxytocin is generated from the hypothalamus and is conducted through nerve fibers. It is known for being one of the most powerful drugs for the well-being of human beings.

6. They alleviate depression

It is taken into account that depression is a mental illness that is currently latent, it is estimated that more than 300 people in the world suffer from depression.

One of the symptoms that accompany depression is his social isolation and the lack of motivation to get out of bed Having a pet requires waking up every morning and feeding, walking, or just spending time together.

In addition to depressed people, they are unlikely to want to openly express their feelings, so receiving the selfless and invasive affection of their pet can generate positive changes in the person.

7. They improve social life

By spending a great time with a living being who loves you unconditionally and shows you his affection in different ways, it is quite likely that he will self-esteem of this person is reinforced.

In addition to feeling happier on a daily basis, you will want to experience your social skills again and be in harmony with the world around you.

8. They promote responsibility

If you consider that you have needed structure, motivation, and dedication to have a pet, it will definitely make you step outside your comfort zone. So if you have tried different methods to include responsibility within your personality characteristics this can be a very feasible option.

A pet is a person who needs your care during the period of his life, so it is very likely that you will find yourself and responsibility through a pet.

The benefits are so many that pets have been included in various therapies to decrease symptoms in some disorders psychological.

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