7 Fun Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know

  Without a doubt, dogs are one of the most noble animals, not for nothing are they the best friend of humans and as we know you love them; This time we will at Let There Be Collars share a list of 7 curious and fun facts about dogs.

The world of dogs is so big that it is not simply limited to knowing breeds, care or basic behaviors of the animal, as they have proven to be a great box of surprises considering their multiple skills and abilities, which are part of their natural condition or have been acquired over the years.

The surprising thing is that even the most knowledgeable person about dogs learns new things about these animals every day , now imagine for ordinary individuals who have basic and superficial information about them, that the most interesting thing we know is that their senses are much more developed than those of people; But don’t worry, so that you can enjoy this beautiful and incredible species, today we have brought you some curious facts that you probably didn’t know until now.

Dog’s nose is your basically your “fingerprint”

There is no nose like it, despite the fact that it may seem that way at first glance, which is why in dogs it is said that it is the equivalent of the fingerprint in humans; when you get closer you will notice that the lines are unique and unrepeatable.

They dream like humans

Dogs also have the ability to dream, probably about things that happen during the day or everyday situations ; this is the reason why you will notice that sometimes they move their limbs while they sleep and even bark.

They sweat from the paws

The sweat glands of dogs are located in their paws, although it is a small number so they sweat very little; this is how they protect their skin from different temperatures, improve adherence to the ground and cool their body; these glands are also in the nose.

They don’t see black and white

Contrary to what many people have believed and have spread from generation to generation, dogs do not only see black and white, although they do not see it like humans either because they lack some light receptors. While humans see 3 colors, they only see 2; they can observe yellow and blue-violet colors , perceiving red and orange as a brown tone, without differentiating green from white, among many other differences.

Decipher human expressions

A dog is able to identify what its owner is feeling or thinking, and not because it has a telepathic ability, it is because they have the ability to analyze people’s expressions or non-verbal communication signals and interpret them.

They are born deaf and blind

Dogs are born with their ears and eyes sealed, so in their first two weeks of life they are guided more by touch. They begin to hear and see approximately from the third week.

Their whiskers are useful in the dark

Their whiskers do not allow them to have a supernatural ability to magically see in the dark, but it does help them measure distances when lighting conditions are not optimal; by the time their whiskers sense air currents, they can tell the size and location of objects.

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