10 Dog breeds that help in the treatment of depression and anxiety

Today it is a real fact explained by diagnostic books such as DSMIV and ICD-10 that there are more and more people diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression. In therapy one of the suggestions made by experts is having a pet to ward off feelings like guilt, anguish and stress that causes day-to-day.

There are various causes for a person to experience anxiety and depression:

  • Treason from loved ones
  • High pressure on yourself
  • Imperative need to know what will happen in your future life
  • Involuntary attacks in the face of a closed space or a space full of many people (Agoraphobia).

The truth is that the dog company has guaranteed the peace and tranquility of many people who, for the reasons already mentioned and even those who do not, do not have the ability to trust a human being.

Now, there are people who live or are kept alone due to the loss of a relative and that is when the pet comes into play, since it is the only one that stays with you day by day.

Dog breeds that help combat depression and anxiety

This pet lives with you day by day and depends on your care, so it will do things that you can’t imagine to keep its attention with it. Among the ones we can highlight are:

  • He will wake you up every morning to receive his food.
  • On your own initiative you must give him his everyday walk and this will enable you to provide a shift of perspective in depressive circumstances.
  • It will approach you when it has the feeling that something is happening to you.

Psychologists have listed dogs as “the best friend of depression and anxiety.”. A trained dog is capable of preventing an anxiety attack and even feeling when its owner is going to go through that situation.

Thanks to their great benefits, these pets can generate a certain dependency or what is not the same, separation anxiety. We will mention some races that you can take with you everywhere and avoid this type of problem.

Golden Retriever

This is one of the breeds that has been named as the ideal for training the arrest of an anxiety attack in public. These animals are able to detect (through training) when their owner is going to fall into this chaotic episode.

They are animals that by nature are attentive to danger and external situations to alert their owners.

Great Dane

It’s a dog from calm temperament Despite its size, it is also capable of generating protection for the person who has it as a pet. This type of dog is adopted by people who like the tranquility and good command of the animal.

Yorkshire Terrier

This is the best option if you are not a stationary person or you travel constantly. Besides that if you live in a small space such as an apartment where you do not have access to a garden, this option would be good for you.

The creativity of this animal will keep you active in addition to the tenderness in its physical appearance.


This type of breed is used in various rescue situations They are dogs that like to take long walks and drink water constantly, as well as being one of the big breeds. By being in constant motion you will exercise, which will keep you stable in your anxious episodes.


Corgi is one of the pets that can generate separation anxiety the most the simple act of observing him will brighten your day They are pets that are very attentive to noise, so you will spend long periods of time training this little dog.

Bernese mountain dog

These dogs are characterized by being protectors, So if you are looking to overcome emotions like loyalty this will be the dog you need in your life. In addition, its large size will keep you protected from people who want to do you any harm.


The Labrador Retriever is a dog with character but very sensitive with its owners It is one of the most chosen pets by families in Spain. The Labrador Retriever is characterized by being loving, so you won’t have to worry about affection and a sense of loneliness.


This race has taken over the homes of many families and that is his wrinkled face just by looking at him produces tenderness Pugs are animals that by nature are in search of attention and affection, so you will feel well loved if you decide to choose this as a pet.

Mini toy

This breed is also usually one of the favorites of the people in the majoritys. They are dogs that can stay in constant activity but also know how to keep passivity and tranquility for their owners. They also get along very well with the little ones in the house.

In conclusion, dogs are an allied pet for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Some psychiatrists and psychologists have even changed the medication for the therapeutic use of these pets.


It is a dog playful and naughty He knows how to take care of his owners and that is why he is another of the most demanding races when it comes to acquiring a pet. Dogs of this breed decrease the feeling of loneliness.

In another order of ideas in Washington This is taken with the seriousness it deserves, there is even an academy where these dogs are trained and should receive benefits such as:

  • Caring for the pet on air travel and the country of his whereabouts.
  • Assigned for people with disabilities who are without any human support.
  • These dogs are also capable of helping people with autisms to decrease involuntary movements such as (hand flapping, jumping from side to side, etc.).
  • As psychiatric support to alert the individual when an anxiety episode is about to occur, also to take their medicine at the right times.
  • Dogs with seizure training

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